Monaco E-Prix 2024
on Saturday 27 April 2024

Experience this electric race with JustUnlimited

On Saturday 27 April 2024

JustUnlimited will organise your stay in Monaco to perfection: the best hotel, transportation, a private or shared terrace… You will discover the city in a unique way: the spirit of the F1 Grand Prix with an electric atmosphere.

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The Monaco E-Prix is fast becoming one of the must-see races in Monaco!

The first edition of the Monaco E-Prix took place in 2015, and since then the race has attracted renowned drivers and thousands of spectators. The Monaco track, known for its tight corners and tunnel passages, offers a unique challenge to drivers, who must navigate through the narrow streets while maintaining high speeds.

Monaco E-Prix is also known for its festive atmosphere, with many activities and entertainment organised around the race. Concerts, classic car exhibitions, and even fashion shows take place during the race weekend, giving fans a glimpse into the glamorous life of Monaco.

In short, Monaco E-Prix is an exciting event for racing and green technology enthusiasts. This unique race allows drivers to compete on the roads of Monaco, while the public can enjoy all the city attractions at the same time.

Come and discover the extraordinary experience of the Monaco E-Prix with its unique sounds of electric motors. Forget your earplugs, just come and enjoy this electric race in the heart of the city.

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