Elevating Gastronomy to New Heights in Monte-Carlo

Imagine a dinner that defies the limits of imagination. The setting? An iron platform suspended by a crane ascending thirty meters above sea level. The protagonists? A select group of twenty-two diners facing nineteen chefs, several of them adorned with Michelin stars, offering a sensory experience that catapults you to new heights and invites you to savor life from a different perspective.

The chosen location is the principality of Monaco, with the platform positioned in front of the Mediterranean Sea and alongside the rooftop of the Casino de Monte-Carlo, providing the most breathtaking panoramic views. This event combines the thrill of altitude with the subtlety of haute cuisine, creating an unparalleled sensory experience.

Seated face to face with chefs who meticulously and skillfully conceive each dish to elevate all your senses, you’ll witness their challenge to captivate diners. Tasting a dish on solid ground is not the same as doing so on a semi-open platform that rises to the sky.
You’ll observe how the chefs meticulously organize a dinner that awakens the diners’ senses. Each bite is a symphony of textures and flavors, a dance of aromas enveloping the senses.

Yet, it’s not just the palate that delights; the eyes are rewarded with the surrounding landscapes. Monte-Carlo unfolds its nocturnal splendor, yacht lights sparkling in the harbor. The Mediterranean reflects the charm of the evening on its serene waters. The lights of Monte-Carlo below seem like tiny sparks. The nighttime breeze caresses the skin, and the sounds of the city float in the air.

Suspended between sky and land, diners share laughter and experiences as glasses are raised in a toast to audacity and the exaltation of the senses.

High above Monte-Carlo, “Dinner in the Sky” reminds you that the true essence of life lies in experiences that take you out of your comfort zone. Therefore, secure your pre-booking now by visiting this link: www.dinnerintheskymontecarlo.com