Horses, Competition, and Spectacular Views: The International Equestrian Show Jumping Festival is coming at the end of June to Monaco.
From Riding Clinics to Pony Rides: The Jumping International of Monte-Carlo in Monaco Offers Fun for All Ages.

Towards the end of June, Monaco welcomes you to the International Equestrian Show Jumping Festival. Do you love the excitement and beauty of horses? Then this is the place for you!

The event takes place on a sand track in the Port of Hercules, which provides a stunning backdrop. Spectators can enjoy views of the harbor, the Mediterranean Sea, and the surrounding mountains while watching the riders and horses compete.

The sand track and its obstacles put the skills of the riders and horses to the test, with double, triple and wall jumps that defy gravity and thrill the audience. The participants are some of the best riders and horses in the world, competing in a jumping contest and against the clock. The evenings are reserved for high-level riders, but amateurs can also participate in the proposed trials during the day. The champions contribute to the Prince of Monaco Prize, one of the most beautiful stages of the Longines Global Champions Tour.

The festival is not just about competition. There are also activities and exhibitions for all attendees, including horse exhibitions, riding clinics, horse auctions for those looking for a new riding companion, and pony rides that kids will love.

The atmosphere is lively and exciting, with tourists, Monegasques’ resident, and Monacans all gathered to watch the riders in action, enjoy the sea, the tourist attractions that the Principality offers, and the customized services that we can provide.

If you’re looking for a unique summer experience, are drawn to horses and the skill of riders, then don’t hesitate – Monaco always has a solution that meets your expectations.
So, the International Equestrian Show Jumping Festival of Monaco is the event that awaits you, bringing together excitement and beauty. Come with your family and friends and enjoy this unforgettable experience in a lively and spectacular atmosphere!