Monaco’s most glamorous social event, Rose Ball, takes place on March 25th.

The Rose Ball was first thrown in 1954 by Princess Grace of Monaco.

The beginning of spring and the festive season in the Principality of Monaco will begin on March 25th, with the celebration of the traditional Rose Ball in the prestigious “Salle des Étoiles” of Monte-Carlo. This event combines solidarity, fashion, luxury, and sophistication, with the ability to occupy the headlines of the media eager to capture the image of this festivity.

The undisputed protagonist of this event remains the Grimaldi family which, year after year, reaffirms its position as an icon of the style and elegance of European high society.

However, it is under the chairmanship of S.A.R. la Princesse Caroline de Hanovre, that the Monte-Carlo SBM Group takes care of all the details of this celebration. During this event, many national and international VIP guests contribute to the fundraising for the solidarity of the Princess Grace Foundation, by the payment of their tickets, and participating in numerous raffles draws and other exceptional awards that are fully donated to the charity. This non-profit organization aims to help people in need and disadvantaged children through humanitarian and philanthropic activities.

Another feature of the Rose Ball is that each year it introduces a different theme as a common thread. Always between tradition and modernity, the Rose Ball must be adapted to this theme: the outfits of the guests, the decoration, the music, the dinner menu… Nothing is left to chance since its creative director conceives all the details and the scenario that follows the gala. French designer Christian Louboutin, who replaced Karl Lagerfeld as creative director, will dedicate the evening to «Bollywood». Magic, mystery, and colours will surely be present at this 2023 edition of the Rose Ball.