Witness World-Class Equestrianism in a Breathtaking Setting

The Principality of Monaco is preparing to host the 18th edition of its International Equestrian Jumping Competition from July 4th to 6th. We invite you to share in this exciting sporting event set in this privileged Mediterranean environment.

The discipline of equestrian jumping stands out for the perfect synchronization between rider and horse to overcome a series of obstacles of varying heights in a specific order. Governed by the International Equestrian Federation, this competition applies parameters that vary according to the riders’ age but not their gender, ensuring that men and women compete on equal terms.

The origins of equestrian jumping date back to the mid-18th century in England, as an integral part of traditional horse hunting. The introduction of enclosed fields propelled this practice, leading to the improvement of horse breeds to optimize their ability and speed in jumping, thus establishing the foundations of modern show jumping.

An important milestone occurred in 1865 in Ireland when the Dublin Horse Show hosted the first “lepping” or obstacle jumping contest. The discipline gained Olympic recognition at the 1900 Paris Games, although it didn’t become a fully-fledged Olympic discipline until 1912.

In Monaco, Diane Fissore, the current president of the event, and Jan Tops, an Olympic champion, were instrumental in integrating the Principality into the Longines Global Champions Tour, elevating the status of the local championship to a global level.
The Monaco Longines Global Champions Tour circuit is known for its difficulty. With Port Hercules as the backdrop and the Prince’s Palace as the main setting, the short and narrow tracks, tight turns, and numerous obstacles make it a prominent and demanding stage on a global scale, testing the skills of the world’s best riders who gather annually to accept this challenge and showcase their prowess.

The Monte-Carlo Jumping presents no less than 15 competitions, alternating between amateur categories during the day and high-level competitions at night. The prestigious Prince of Monaco Prize is one of the tour’s highlights.
Between competitions, visitors can explore an exhibition area dedicated to the equestrian world, featuring artisans and specialized merchants.

The program includes events for both amateurs and professionals, with a special focus on the Pro-Am Cup, where renowned equestrians join young talents in a friendly encounter.
Monaco offers a unique contrast: it is the only place where you can admire top-level equestrian competitions against the backdrop of the world’s most luxurious yachts. This spectacular event attracts numerous personalities, including H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.

In conclusion, the International Equestrian Jumping of Monte-Carlo promises three days of thrilling equestrian competition in a privileged setting, combining elite sports with the characteristic glamour of the Principality. We look forward to welcoming you in Monaco!